4 Netflix Shows That Will Lift Your Mood

Published on 03/19/2020

Netflix is simply our day-to-day lifesaver. Time we take for ourselves or to spend with friends and family but the perfect time to also watch something that is more chill rather than intense. We have the perfect feel-good, mood-lifting shows that will have you interested and binge-watching in no time. A little drama, a little comedy and also being able to relate are simply key elements. These must-see shows are not your typical and we are n to playing around…well since we already managed to binge-watch all four.

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4 Netflix Shows That Will Lift Your Mood

Sex Education

This coming of age series involves something for teens and adults, with its British humor and relatable storyline you simply cannot not enjoy. The protagonist discusses being a teenage boy in the midst of high school, girls and his mom being a sex-therapist. Not long after he follows in her foot-steps on the school grounds and we soon realize how adult and teen problems are not so far off from the other.


It is really about time someone addressed autism on the big screen. This light-hearted series will have you laughing, crying and truly understanding the world of autism, teenage-hood, and parenthood. This show does justice to educating us about autism but is also a really good mood-lifter. After a long day, if you’re looking for the perfect series to chill and relax in bed, we highly recommend.

Love Is Blind

The new reality series is taking the Netflix world by storm. When these men and women are sent into pods to experience a dating world unlike any other. The series continues to show us who moves on to marriage and the real-world and who does not. Can you really fall in love with someone you can’t see? Find out with this intriguing show.

The Stranger

This British mystery thriller is based on the Harlan Coban novel and will have you hooked in no time. It is a must-see, seriously. The Brits are killing it with their Netflix originals and this one is no exception. The film follows average suburban families and as it unravels their secrets and lies are exposed by the sudden appearance of…a stranger.