These Apps Will Help You to Relax and Calm Down

Published on 07/11/2021

Live can be very stressful at times. With work, children and school, sometimes we don’t think enough about ourselves. A great way to find our inner peace is through yoga, meditation or a trip to the spa. However, if you don’t find enough time for a trip to the spa or a long meditation, you should check out these relaxation and calming apps. The apps are the perfect solution to calm down and find your inner peace and balance throughout our hectic lifestyles. Continue reading and find out which apps are the best to include some short and sweet relaxation methods as well as tips and tricks into your daily routine.

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These Apps Will Help You to Relax and Calm Down


The Happify app, is an app that twas developed to calm your mind and erase negative thoughts in a fun and easy way. The app offers games, music and meditation, that helps its users to calm down and teach them how to deal with stress properly. Research shows, that more than 80 percent of Happify’s users, experience a huge improvement when it comes to their mental health. The app offers tracks such as “Coping better with stress”, “Building Self Confidence”, “Conquering negative thoughts”, “Fueling your career success” and many more tracks you can concentrate on. The app just takes a few minutes of your day, however, will show long-lasting results when it comes to your emotional and psychological state of mind.


Headspace is one of the most popular apps on the market right now and is available for iPhone and Android. The app aims to in cooperate mediation in its user’s daily routine and help them to cope better with stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia etc. The app offers many tips of meditation from guided to unguided, over themed meditations to short or long meditations. The app lets you adjust your meditation habit to your daily routine and lifestyle. If you don’t have more than 5 free minutes a day, don’t worry! With the app “Headspace”, you will even be able to find a 3-minute meditation, that will already turn your day around for the better.

Personal Zen

Personal Zen is another app, which intends to calm people’s body and mind by offering its users playful stress reducing games. The app “Personal Zen”, is based on scientific research of over 20 years, which shows that the apps method helps to reduce stress, by just using it a few minutes a day.The app offers games, which helps you to reduce stress, anxiety and calm your mind on your own time schedule. If you suffer from anxiety attacks, insomnia or an overwhelmed mind and search for a playful way to cope with these issues, the “Personal Zen”app, might just be the right fit for you!

Yoga Studio

Yoga is proven to not only strengthen your body, but also to calm your mind and to bring you inner peace. If however, you don’t have enough time to go to classes, or simply can’t afford expensive yoga classes, we have a solution for you. The “Yoga Studio” app. The app offers you over 65 yoga class videos and over 280 tutorials on meditation and yoga poses. The app is available for free for iPhone and Andoid.