We Can All Relate To These 6 Hysterically Embarrassing Situations

Published on 08/02/2019
We Can All Relate To These 6 Hysterically Embarrassing Situations

We Can All Relate To These 6 Hysterically Embarrassing Situations

We might not all be ready to admit it yet, but there are tons of embarrassing and funny things that happen to all of us. Trust me, it’s not only you that has imaginary fights and arguments in the shower… and yes, you always have the last say. Take a look at these 6 hysterically relatable situations we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives.

Texting The Wrong Person

It’s one thing when you accidentally send a text message to the wrong person, but it’s something else completely when you send it to the one person you shouldn’t! You want to tell your husband that your friend Melissa is being so bossy and annoying. You hit ‘send’, only to see that your message has successfully been delivered toooo… Melissa.

Drooling Unexpectedly

You don’t want to admit it? That’s fine, but we know. The drooling doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with anything. It’s not like you’re looking at a menu in a restaurant and then *glooop*! It’s just sort of like your brain has forgotten that your mouth has a function and that saliva just drips right out. Awkward, we know.

Spelling Wednesday Out In Your Head

All the days of the week are pretty straightforward… and then there’s darn Wednesday! What is that superfluous ‘D’ doing in the middle there? As a result of that completely irrelevant ‘D’, we all spell out the full name in our heads when we write it – WED NEZ DAY. Done.

Replaying A Song Because You Weren’t Focused Enough

One of your favorite songs has just finished playing, but there’s just one issue – you didn’t actually listen to the song. So what do you do? Easy. You put it on again so that you can be fully focused while you listen the second time around. This can repeat itself a third and fourth time as you forget to pay attention again.

Giving Advice And Then Saying, “I Don’t Know”

It could be your best friend, your partner, or someone you’ve just met, but when they ask you for advice, you don’t want to be held in any way responsible for the consequences of your imparted wisdom. So as a safe-fail you paste on the words, “I don’t know” at the end of your lengthy advice, you know, just to be safe.

Lowering The Music While You Park

You can drive for hours with music blasting your car, but when you need to park it’s a whole different story. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, more distracting than the radio playing while you’re pulling into a tight parking spot. The same thing applies to searching for an address. Apparently lowering the volume improves your vision. Who knew?