Easy Makeup Tips & Tricks You Have To Try

Published on 07/30/2019

Simply based off of the topic about to be discussed, it’s safe to assume that majority of people reading this article are female. Whether you’re a 14 year old girl, 32 year old woman, or 70 year old lady, a female’s a female. And as a female you wear/have worn/will wear makeup in your life (at least once). And, because we (unfortunately) don’t wake up looking like Gigi Hadid, but maybe wish we did, we opt to watch YouTube’s “Full Coverage Glam Makeup Tutorial” video. Well ladies, it’s time to say bye to fashion courses, laser teeth whitening/dental implants, and Instagram tips cause we’re about to reveal some of the best makeup tricks that actually work.

Use Baby Oil As Makeup Remover

Can’t seem to find those makeup remover pads you just bought? This is maybe one of the most frustrating things, especially after a very long and very hot day. Well, we may have just saved you a headache and a mascara stained pillow with this little tip. Grab some baby oil and dab a little bit onto a cotton pad. Now gently run (rub a little) the cotton pad over your eyelids and eyelashes to remove your mascara and eyeliner. Vuela, no more raccoon eyes! Baby oil is surprisingly a very common household item, which people don’t realize they have, it’s cheap, available at all drugstores, and it’s totally safe to use around your eyes – after all it’s main purpose is for babies.


Baby Oil Makeup Remover

Dark Lips Make You Look Older

Wearing a darker color/shade of lipstick will help give you a more youthful appearance, true or false? This is in fact FALSE. Shocker, we know! But wearing dark lipstick actually makes your lips appear smaller, less shiny, and less plump. So instead try wearing a light color like mauve, nude/tan, or something with a pinkish accent. We know that this may not be the look you were going for or is totally our of your comfort zone but all we suggest is that you try it. Oh and don’t forgot lip gloss! Adding this final touch will complete the look.

Lightly Wet Your Makeup Brushes

Quite possibly our favorite and easiest makeup trick. Now before you begin applying foundation to your face make sure your makeup brushes are slightly wet. HUH? Yes, and as a matter of fact lightly wetting your makeup brushes beforehand allows the foundation to stay more securely on the brush and on your face as well. Do this trick and your face will have that radiant glow you’ve always dreamed out.

Apply Foundation From The Center Of Your Face

When you apply foundation it’s best to start from the center of your face and blend your way outwards. Doing this enables the foundation to “fade out” around the edges, leaving you looking like a natural beauty.

Apply Foundation At The Center Of Your Face.

Apply Foundation At The Center Of Your Face.

Create Natural Contouring

Figuring out exactly where to apply the blush and/or bronzer to your face can be quite difficult and super confusing when contouring. To make your life easier and your face prettier try using either an eyeliner pencil or the handle of a makeup brush. How? Simply place the straight part of the utensil right below your cheekbone. This will give you the right angle, leaving your face perfectly contoured.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

And finally, the trick of all tips… use moisturizer! Keeping your body, which includes your skin, hydrated is so essential and also key to a softer, clearer, and more youthful face. Not to mention that applying moisturizer to your face prior to putting on makeup allows the makeup to go on much easier and smoother, and last longer. Coming home from work after a long hot/humid day, no problem at all!