5 Microwave Mistakes We’ve All Been Blindly Making

Published on 08/04/2019
5 Microwave Mistake Weve All Been Blindly Making

5 Microwave Mistake We’ve All Been Blindly Making

Microwaves are fantastic! They’re something between a steroid-stuffed oven and a television that doesn’t pick up any good channels. Although it does pick up what’s hot! [That was your window to laugh.] While we all use microwaves on a daily basis, most of us have never ever read a manual on how exactly to use these guys. Here are 5 common mistakes that we’re all guilty of when it comes to superheating our food.

Not Covering Your Food

I know I know, it makes sense that if the container in the microwave is uncovered it will heat up faster. Even though it might, you’d be paying for those extra 30 seconds “saved” by having to scrub the interior of your splatter-attacked microwave. Want to know a solution? Simply cover your food.

Not Using Microwave Safe Containers

“I’m only heating up my food for a minute, what’s the big deal?” Well, glad you asked, Tony. Due to the modus operandi of a microwave, raising temperatures to around 212 °F takes its toll on the plastic container you put your food in. Trust me, you don’t want to be eating dinner with melted plastic residue curry sauce.

Not Waiting To Eat

We’re creatures of instant gratification nowadays. It’s difficult enough for us to have to wait two whole minutes for our food to be toasty, but why should we have to wait to eat it? Research (and by “research” I mean, “regular people have discovered the hard way”) shows that waiting just a single minute past the ding of reheating will save you from burning your mouth. Patience is a virtue; a burned mouth is a pain.

Not Choosing What To Microwave

“You mean I can’t microwave everything?” Listen, you can definitely put anything in there and hope for the best, but don’t say we didn’t warn you. Chili peppers, for example, will take seconds to turn your kitchen into a cloud of teargas. Raw eggs are also not microwave friendly – let’s just say that their shells are even more fragile under immense heat pressure.

Not Moving The Food Around

Even though microwaves have a rotating function that helps your food get evenly warmed up, there are still spots that miss the heat. It’s recommended to pause the timer and move the food around in the dish to ensure that each and every part of your meal gets the nuclear heat it deserves.