What Can I Do To Sleep Better? Five Tips For Restful Sleep

Published on 11/06/2022

Healthy sleep is important for well-being. Those who cannot sleep well at night usually feel the effects of this throughout the day. Read here which tips will help you sleep better.

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What Can I Do To Sleep Better? Five Tips For Restful Sleep

Enough exercise

A full-time job and a stressful family life can be demanding and you don’t always manage to take care of your own needs in everyday life. However, sufficient exercise is important for restful sleep. Because if you don’t move enough during the day, you often feel restless in the evening. Integrate sport or an evening walk into your everyday life to exercise regularly. People who work in the office and rarely leave their desk benefit from this tip in particular and find more peace before going to bed.

Eat And Drink Properly

When it comes to better sleep, sleep hygiene is often mentioned. It starts with the right intake of nutrients. Anyone who has trouble sleeping should avoid caffeinated beverages such as coffee, black tea or cola at least four hours before going to bed. The same applies to the consumption of alcohol, because it can shorten the deep sleep phases and wake you up early. Eating hearty meals can also contribute to sleep problems. You can’t sleep well with a full stomach, after all, the body is still busy with the digestion process. It is better to eat something light in the evening and make sure you do not eat about two hours before bedtime.

Rest, Rest, Rest

Before you go to bed you should rest. Fixed rituals can help you with this. Introduce an evening ritual that helps you relax — This could be, for example, a pleasant bath or meditation. The evening ritual should help you to hide external influences and the experiences of the day. The more aware you are of yourself and your needs, the better you can live at the moment and let go of everyday stress. Media such as televisions, computers and smartphones also cause unrest. Deliberately switch off these devices in the evening and let go of the thought of missing something. Your self-chosen evening ritual should ensure relaxation before going to bed. Listen to your body and then go to sleep when you are tired. If you have trouble sleeping, a regular bedtime can help your body get used to going to bed regularly and sleep better.

Comfortable Bed

Your bedroom should be a place where you can relax and unwind. Good sleep is therefore also related to the right bed and lying comfort.

Room Temperature

Temperature and humidity in the bedroom also have an impact on well-being. Make sure the air is not too dry. If you freeze at night and don’t want to open the window, you can put an air humidifier in the bedroom to counteract overly dry air. The room temperature should also not be too cold or too warm, because the wrong room climate can also lead to sleep disorders. Especially in summer, bedrooms heat up due to the incoming rays of the sun. It is therefore important to keep the curtains closed during the day.