Fast Facts About Pop Star Dua Lipa

Published on 05/26/2020
Fast Facts About Pop Star Dua Lipa

Fast Facts About Pop Star Dua Lipa

Have you heard the song ‘New Rules’? Odds are, you have. Well, the singer of the smash hit is none other than Dua Lipa! The British pop queen now has two albums to her name and many awards and records. She’s exploded on the pop scene just a few years back and has only been getting better since! Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about her!

Her Name

Believe it or not, Dua Lipa is her actual name – not a stage name. The name ‘Dua’ means love in Albanian. It turns out she didn’t love her name when she was growing up.

Musical Family

Dua got her musical talent from her dad, Dukagjin Lipa, who is a musician himself!

Moving Out

When Dua was just 15 years old, she wanted to kick off her music career. So, she moved out or home and moved from Kosovo back to London on her own. She shared a flat with some friends while living there. “The cooking and the cleaning… that was tough. I mean, the realization that no one was going to clean up after me was tough!” Dua said, “Stuff like that really made me grow up before my time.”

YouTube Beginning

Like many other artists nowadays, Dua started off posting videos of covers online. However, it was never one of those things that went viral. Dua has said that “it was more of a way for me to use it as a portfolio”.

18 Years Old

Just three years after she moved back to London to pursue her music career, Dua was signed by Warner Bros at age 18. “I remember calling my parents in Kosovo and telling them to catch a flight to London so they could come to the signing”, she said.

Most Streamed

At one point, Dua was the most streamed female on Spotify! She has 37 million monthly listeners!

Spelling Queen

Aside from singing, Dua doesn’t seem to think she’s good at anything else – aside from spelling, that is. Still, we’re pretty sure she’s good at other things too.

Running A Music Festival

Have you heard of Prishtina’s Sunny Hill Festival? Well, it’s a music festival that happens in Dua’s hometown. However, it’s not just any festival – it’s run by Dua and her family! The profits go to their charity, Sunny Hill Foundation.