The Best Apps To Relax Mind And Body

Published on 12/10/2020

With a pandemic going around, the holiday season coming near and personal problems, people tend to be very stressed. But don’t worry we’ve got your back! In this article you will find the best calming apps that help you relax and find your inner balance again.

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The Best Apps To Relax Mind And Body

Calm App

Calm is a free relaxation app, that is available for iPhone and Android. The App is the perfect solution, if you need to calm your mind and body! When setting up your account, you can choose a voice (there are many different options from male/female, deep/high etc.) that will guide you through your future meditations. Aside from a variety of meditation practices, the app also provides different breathing exercises that help you to relax and find your inner peace. You can decide for yourself how long you want to dedicate your time to these practices. A goodnight sleep is essential for a balanced and relaxed body, therefore the Calm app even offers good night stories, to help make you sleep like a baby! If you feel like taking your dreams to the next level, the Calm app even lets Harry Styles guide you to sleep!

Shine App

The Shine App is a daily self – care app and was featured as “Best of 2020” by the App store. The app helps you to create a daily self-care ritual and reminds you to take care of yourself and your body. This routine includes a daily meditation (you can choose from a variety of practices, depending on what you need the most right now), reflections and journaling exercises. However, the Shine App offers you more than just exercises. It gives you the opportunity to connect to a supportive and inclusive community, which helps you to deal with the things you are going through at the moment.

Colorfy App

Sometimes you just need to add a little color to your life! The Colorfy App makes it possible. The App is available for iPhone and Android and has a rating of 4.1 stars of 5. The app is a digital coloring book for adults, offering a variety of mandalas and images to choose from. Research shows that engaging in activities like coloring can help people with their anxiety, focus, and put them into a state of meditation. If you like to draw and need a way to relax, you definitely should try this app!

Breathwrk App

The right breathing technique can help with anxiety attacks, falling asleep, focusing etc. That is exactly what the Breathwrk app is made for. The app offers a collection of different breathing exercises. Depending on your goal or the mood you are in, you can choose a breathing exercise from categories like “feeling energized”, “feeling relaxed”, “alleviating stress” and many more.

Moodnote App

The Moodnote app is a free app with a 4.7/5 star rating. The app is build on Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and lets you understand your anxiety and take control of it. From writing down your thoughts to taking a picture of your face to visualize your mood, the app gives you a lot of tips and tricks on how to fight your anxiety.